About Paragon Ragolls

"A model of excellence or perfection", according to the Marriem Webster Dictionary.

It all started with a look... 

The first time I ever saw a Ragdoll, I was immediately infatuated. Their blue eyes, their soft long fur and perfect temperaments. Oh the love I felt, and still do. 

Here are 3 reasons why Ragdolls have won over my heart:

1. They pay attention and want to comfort. My kitties always calm me down on a bad day; they run to me when I cry, and snuggle with me all night.

2. They are so gentle and patient with kids. My pet Ragdoll went to my daughters "Show and Tells" from Grades 1-5. There was no hesitancy on my behalf, Ragdolls are so kind and gentle, I never had to worry about her Ragdoll scratching someone. My daughter would hold her Ragdoll on her back, as the whole class stood amazed and wished their kitties did that.

3. They are Loyal.  Ragdolls always do what she can to protect the family. They watch out for everyone and investigate every odd noise in the house. 

Ragdolls have entirely changed my life, and my passion is to share the same excitement, joy and love with you.