This is our upcoming stud - Somisiowy Lasek Dodi

We have nicknamed him Romeo - as he is so handsome and incredibly sweet!  This handsome young boy has come to us all the way from Poland from my friend Dorota!  He is a gorgeous seal bicolor male, and is so sweet.  He loves to bake biscuits!  We chose him because we love his type and temperament, and can hardly wait for him to become our New King!!

Date of Birth:  July 28, 2022

Parents:   Sire:Bili Somisiowy Lasek pl

                  Dam:  Magnolia Moje Laleczki. Pl


Paragon Ragdolls Armani My Love

Paragon Ragdolls Armani My Love is such a handsome and sweet boy!  I couldn't resist keeping him, and he has been the father to many babies here at Paragon Ragdolls!

Date of birth:  April 23, 2021

Parents:  Sire:  Toshi Pragdolls cz

                 Dam:  Marlcreek London




 Nico is a future breeder - gorgeous boy, large, beautiful coat and a sweet and fun temperament!  His Grandpa, RW GSC Bluedreamer Thinking out Loud  would be happy!  We love everything about him!  We look forward to the babies he will give us in the future!

Date of Birth:  September 16, 2022

Parents:  Sire: Paragon Ragdolls Armani My love

                 Dam:  Marlcreek London